Microbial Services

Vision Ecologica provide Quality, Rapid and reliable services in the field of microbiology and environmental Sciences. Our highly qualified and experienced microbiologists and scientists can customize, plan and design methods per your application needs.

Our team of expert microbiologists has a collective working experience of more than a decade. Team is qualified for solving your problems.

Professionals qualified for solving your problems, and we offer studies and advising consultancies in: Microbial area for agriculture, Food Industries, Fermentation and bio-energy based industries.

Analytical Services

  • Quality control of bio-gas units- slurry, substrate and gas which includes routine parameters like COD, BOD, Total solids, C:N ratio, pH, gas % (CO2, CH4 and H2S)
  • Energy potential of waste
  • Customized solution for biogas enhancement
  • Customized products for bio-gas enhancement
  • Operation and maintenance for H2S scrubber system
  • Domestic and industrial scale biogas system.
  • Analysis of waste for bio energy potential

Microbial Services

Microbial Enumeration

Vision Ecologica analyze any type of sample for having its microbial load in terms of bacteria and fungus.

Qualitative microbial enumeration

Vision Ecologica do help our clients to segregate in between friends and foes by identifying microbes present in the sample.  Need base quantitative estimation is performed on specified media like pathogenic microbes. Eg: Fusariumsp., Phytophthora sp.Verticilliumsp. or presence of specific microbe like Salmonella, E. coli in water etc.

Identification of Microbes

Vision Ecologica is in to service of microbial identification using morphological, biochemical and molecular methods.

Nematode count and identification

Nematodes, microscopic organisms live freely in the soil and feed on plant, animal, bacteria, fungi, and algae. Few varieties are parasitic and feed virtually on all animals and plant life. They cause severe damage to crops. All crops are subject to nematode damage. Presence of nematode is mainly in the soil, Plant part such as root etc. Laboratory analysis is the only sure way to determine the presence of parasitic nematodes.

Symptoms of nematode damage vary greatly with the type of nematode, the age of the plant, and the plant part that is affected. Some classic symptoms associated with nematode damage include:
Root knots or galls, Stunted growth, Excessive root branching, Root lesions, Devitalized root tips, Leaf, flower, stem, and seed damage, If one or more of the above symptoms are present, testing for nematode damage is indicated.

Microbial Audit

Microbial auditing is one of the unique service provided by Vision Ecologica. We provide microbial analysis of any type of sample which include qualitative and quantitative analysis as per the industrial need. This service include specific counts based on the sector for which analysis is needed. Like in case of agriculture base counts are specified towards agriculturally important microbes as well as plant pathogenic count. Service also include onsite microbial audit for lab environment. Sample variety may be Coccopeat powder, Farm soil, Food grade product, drinks etc.

Various type of industries like food industry agriculture, tissue culture etc. may not have microbial backround. This service supports all type of microbial analysis in the industry. For example in agriculture sector soil health is mainly based on quantity and type of microbes present in the soil. Quantifying its bacterial and fungal count could account for its quality.

Sequence Based Microbial Profiling

Microbial consortium is central functioning unit inside anaerobic digester. Number and type of microbes present in the system will decide performance of the system. WE do help you to check microbial diversity and its abundance in your digester through modern cutting edge techniques like metagenomics. On the basis of this profiling, improvement in the microbial nutrition can be possible to enhance gas production.

Environmental Services Include following tests

  • pH
  • EC
  • Biological oxygen demand (BOD)
  • Chemical Oxygen demand (COD)
  • Total solids (TS)
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • kjeldahl nitrogen
  • Organic carbon