Microbial Consultancy

Problems are our inspirations. Well-equipped R & D Laboratory at our factory with multidisciplinary expertise strengthens our consultancy capacities.

Vision Ecologica provide consultancy for the issues faced at industrial level for existing projects in bio-energy/ waste management and also for those who are prepared to implement bio-energy/bio-waste management program.

End to end consultancy includes waste analysis, Feasibility Study, preparation of project and project implementation. Other type of consultancy work includes any type of waste characterization and its analysis.

Consultancy is also given to optimize existing bio-gas plants to increase the bio-gas yield and the energy efficiency.

Microbial AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Unique type of microbial service given for the Industries based on microbial cultures (bio-based industries) to avoid issues related to purity and authenticity of the culture with them. This service ensures purity and authenticity of microbial culture. This includes authenticity of submitted culture annually with authenticity report and maintenance of this culture in pure viable form for one year without losing its properties. Culture will be provided to the industry as and when required (12 copies from same passage)

Contamination Control Program (CCP)

Vision Ecologica offer microbiological contamination control consultancy, be it identifying a nasty contaminant or getting rid of the contaminant. We differentiate between the friends and foes and save your precious time and valuable resources. You can contact our desk to get this customize service for your need.

This is a specialized service offered to any bio-base industry. Contamination in any biological process is serious threat to any manufacturing and/ or service industry. We offer systematic work plan on detecting type of contaminant, root cause for the contamination and provide sustainable solution to reduce or eliminate it with increased performance.

Consultancy for waste management for industrial / domestic and agricultural waste

Vision Ecologica, with its multidisciplinary approach offer sustainable solution for industrial, agricultural and domestic waste. We determine energy potential of waste through substrate analysis and based on quantum, we survey, plan, design and implement compost project with your waste.

Industrial level projects are successfully installed at sites. Agricultural waste , poultry waste, goat farm waste, domestic waste are effective mass available for which effective composting/ bio treatment method can be developed.