Microbail R&D

R&D projects for Waste to Energy

We conduct base study for issue related to industrial waste and aspire to take it from research level to economically viable solution at industrial level.  Various industries like Plant tissue culture industry, sugar industry, starch industry , food industry which are having issues with their specific type of waste, can be taken as seed point and R & D project is formulated on the base  information. Also R and projects in process development of waste treatment are undertaken.

Qualitative and quantitative enhancement in bio-gas for increasing efficacy of bio-gas project

Bio-gas quality and quantity is based on its ecology of microbial flora. Based on substrate composition studies can be undertaken to make sustainable solution for utilizing these substrates as source of biomass for getting quality gas production. These types of studies are undertaken as an R&D program.

Formulation development

As per the requirement formulation of product involving microbial composition for different applications are made. These types of projects are specifically serving for those who want to use microbial expertise in their formulations.

Design and development of bio-reactor , bio-digester and waste treatment machines

Considering biological aspect designing and assaying bio-reactor or waste treatment machine is done under R&D program.

Process development for waste and energy project